Farm 2 Plate Orange & Raspberry Balsamic 250ml

Farm 2 Plate

Farm 2 Plate Orange & Raspberry Balsamic 250ml

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From Farm 2 Plate is all about sourcing local produce and implementing a "NO-WASTE" food production program. What some see as imperfect and ugly fruit, we see as beautiful little gems that are full of flavour. We have provides a unique range of super tasty handmade products that are made with the seasons and have been lovingly handmade in small batches. Our products not only help reduce food waste but also importantly support our Australian Farmers that doing it extremely tough. So embrace all shapes, sizes and colours and experience new flavour sensations.

We just love hand me downs and sharing a kitchen with WELLSTEAD Shrubs, we are often given unused produce including orange zest. It is dehydrated for maximum flavour and added to a bi-product from their Rasberry Shrub to create a balsamic vinegar with unique flavour sensations.